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Hackalong Horizons - 5kFriday


Hackalong Horizons was a hackathon put on by the developer and creative community on ( The event gave participants 24 hours to work on a development project in one of multiple categories: - Create a tool to help show off your work to others - Create a tool to help bring a community closer together - Build anything! I decided to build a tool to help show off work to others. I created the beginnings of a web application called The goal of 5kFriday is to keep fitness simple. Looking around at the latest trends in the fitness industry will yield some wacky information. Fitness does not need to be complicated. Fitness can literally be as easy as running or walking a 5k every week (on Friday, if you want) and logging your results. 5kFriday is intended to be a social platform where users can log their 5k times and see a graph of their progress, stay in touch with friends, and stay accountable for their fitness. There's no multi-step plans, complicated diets, or supplements to purchase. Just get active once a week and start seeing results and feeling better! 5kFriday is intended to always be free to use!


5kFriday is built using laravel php framework ( As of right now, it is a web application with user authentication and full functionality for logging results, graphing progress, and viewing the logs of others. The graph is generated using lavacharts (


A video demonstration of the current functionality of the site can be found in the youtube video below. Thanks!