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Hackathons, Hackathons, Hackathons!

Ever since my first hackathon, (HackCU IV), I’ve become addicted to hackathons. They’re the perfect opportunity to dive into a new project, work with a team, and develop something awesome. Usually, hackathons are competitions with prizes. However, even if a prize is not earned the experience is still extremely valuable and education.

Hackalong Horizons

I competed in my first ever online hackathon called Hackalong Horizons put on by the twitch community. You can find a write-up of my experience here: Hackalong Horizons Experience

An online hackathon is a super creative idea! Unfortunately for this one I did not have a team, but I still learned a ton working by myself.

GlobalHack 7

In the middle of October, I’m traveling to St. Louis, Missouri to participate in GlobalHack 7 . The goal for global hack 7 is to create tools to improve experiences for foreign-born individuals in St. Louis and beyond. This hackathon will not just be a learning experience but also works towards a noble humanitarian cause. I am very excited to attend!

Our Own Hackathon?

I’ve been toying with the idea of hosting a hackathon, perhaps at CSM. Stay tuned…